Bamboo Toothbrushes with Medium Colourful Bristles - Pack of 5

bamboogaloo dental floss vegan biodegradable

2 FREE GIFTS! Biodegradable Bamboo Cotton Buds & Dental Floss!

Let's cut to the juicy stuff here people, this is basically 2 free bamboo toothbrushes and a free gift!

“Jump up on the table, smash a plate, its time to add to cart and celebrate.” Well, bit over the top, but yeah, I think you get it!

“OK, you can get down now” - well done, you’ve snatched a pack of our latest design – a tried and tested unique bristle shape and our custom ‘neck’ which grooves your brushing into all the hard to reach places.

Which colour best suits you? Earth Green, Ocean Blue, Ice White, Fire Red or Sunshine Yellow? Well, there’s a colour for everyone, you’ll never have to worry about mix-ups again!

You can select your own colours, size, firmness, by building your own selection pack' - click here to get started.

Add them to your cart and get that feel-good factor that you’ve ditched the dodgy plastic brushes, trust us, you’ll never look back!

Feel free to further personalise your toothbrush with a scribble or sketch on the handle and tag us on social media! Parents we know you pretend it’s your kids drawing on them, we know it’s really you! #bamboogaloo

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