Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal Bristles - Pack of 5


 Free Bamboo Cotton Buds!

Well people, you found it, our best selling bamboo toothbrush with charcoal bristles multipack. Kudos!

Oh my life, there’s so much value in this 5-pack (it’s not even funny!) These soft charcoal infused brushes not only naturally whiten your teeth (without the need for chemical whiteners, yahoo!) but they also have a great natural feel.

Add them to your cart and grab yourself a sense of achievement for ditching the yukky plastic. If they’ve sold out, don’t despair – have a goosy gander at the rest of the shop, grab yourself a partner and dance the night away with a twin pack.

We kept things elegant and simple for you. A tried and tested shape with a customised 1-5 numbering bonus thrown in the mix, to help avoid mix-ups! Listen up though, you decide who’s the number 1 ‘Bamboogaloo brusher’ in your house, not us, we’re not getting involved!

Feel free to further personalise your toothbrush with a doodle or drawing on the handle and tag us on social media! Kids love this (actually we’re pretty sure it’s the adults who doodle and pretend it’s their kids!)


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