It all started on the beaches of Poole, in Dorset, UK...

In the beginning…  

My journey started on the blue flag beaches of Poole Bay in Dorset, UK… 

There’s plenty to do working as a beach lifeguard on the beautiful south coast beaches, but hey, don’t get me wrong there’s plenty of downtime too! When we weren’t helping members of the public, dealing with first aids or water rescues, we were talking about our beautiful beaches, our love for the ocean and how we could clean it all up! 

It was heartbreaking to be swimming or surfing, only to bump into a broken plastic bucket, half a spade, a plastic bag or beer can (crazy thought eh!) – I would think to myself, “how can people be so careless?” 

We’d do ‘sweeps’ of our patch and try to pick up as much litter as we could on those rainy days with nothing to do. As you can imagine, you could never pick it all up, but we did our best! 

One day after a storm had washed up all kinds of flotsam, I came across a toothbrush. We’d found all kinds of strange things, so I wasn’t the least bit surprised!  

What I did think though was; “I wonder how long that’s been floating around” and “how much longer would it be on this earth if I hadn’t have picked it up…” 

I had a mind-shift. I changed gear, I wanted to do something about it. When I got home I googled ‘plastic toothbrush alternative’; and up popped a toothbrush made from bamboo. 

“Woah, an earth-friendly toothbrush, that's kinda cool…” 

So we ordered a pack and my wife decided she would upcycle the old plastic toothbrushes once our fancy new bamboo ones had arrived. 

A few days later our bamboo toothbrushes arrived! We were very excited and felt quite proud we’d taken some action to make a simple change in our brushing regime.  

We worked out, across just our family, we’d probably stop around 2,000 plastic toothbrushes polluting our planet across all of our lifetimes. 

It didn’t take long to get used to the feeling of the bamboo instead of the plastic, but it was strange the first few times that’s for sure! 


From humble beginnings... 

Our bamboo toothbrush journey continued and after testing 11 different brands in 3 years, we decided to create our own. To be honest we’d got fed up with the poor quality bamboo toothbrushes we were buying as consumers and thought, “hey, we can do better!” 

We knew the flaws that existed (mostly pointed out by our 3 sons!) and knew how to improve on them.  

Some would come wrapped in plastic, some had poor quality bristles that would fall out after only 1 or 2 brushes - and you could tell some of the designs hadn’t even been trialled, as you couldn’t even get the toothbrush in the kid’s mouth with some of the brands we tried! 

We demanded only the best quality eco-friendly materials.  

We knew we would only settle for a premium product.  

After much research, 'The Bamboogaloo Toothbrush' was born! 

Fast Forward… 

Now we’ve gone a step further in ensuring we provide our customers with only the very best product.  

We are the ONLY company to hygienically seal each toothbrush in our pioneering, veg-based biodegradable eco wrap; made from Non-GMO corn starch!  

Our nifty little wrapper is nature’s alternative to plastic, keeping your toothbrush sealed and hygienic all the way to your door!  

Why buy one that hasn't been sealed? Yuuuk! 

We've poured our heart and soul into the development of these beautiful toothbrushes and now we're seeing more and more repeat customers - this makes us so happy!  

Building the Bamboogaloo brand… 

Well, it hasn’t been easy, that’s for sure!  

Now we have lots of new and exciting earth-friendly products that are ‘in the making’ and we are building positively on our bamboo toothbrush roots! 

Watch this space for more exciting products, coming soon! 

 Thanks for Bamboogalooing with us!  

The Murray Family x