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No, of course not! We have some clever software that remembers your order details so your product gets dispatched on time, every time. A subscription really is a ‘set it and forget’ service, something that really helps our customers.

YES! Every single part of our packaging, shipping envelopes, tape and packing materials are completely plastic-free – even our nifty little biodegradable toothbrush wrappers, which are 100% plant-based! It’s not uncommon when reading reviews online to see so many disappointed customers who order a “plastic free” product only to receive the item wrapped in plastic, then inside a plastic shipping wrapper or even worse plastic packaging or bubble wrap as well!

YES! Every single part of our packaging, shipping envelopes, tape and packing materials are completely plastic-free – even our nifty little biodegradable toothbrush wrappers, which are 100% plant-based! It’s not uncommon when reading reviews online to see so many disappointed customers who order a “plastic free” product only to receive the item wrapped in plastic, then inside a plastic shipping wrapper or even worse plastic packaging or bubble wrap as well!

We are a UK company and our warehouse is based just outside of Cambridge.

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You don’t need a subscription to order any of our products, although it is cheaper to order this way. You can order normally from the shop if you prefer. Customers find a subscription is more ‘custom’ to their needs and overall they save money.

You run your subscription, not us. All you do is log in and customise it however you want. There’s no minimum sign up term, no obligation and no cancellation fees whatsoever. You're in control 24/7. We must warn you though, like most customers who start using bamboo toothbrushes, it's well known that once ditch the plastic and switch to bamboo, you never go back!

Of course you can! More often than not we have our subscribers increasing their subscription as more of their family want to switch to bamboo once they see others in the household doing it!


Absolutely, but before trying to return products, please follow our returns procedure

Your return needs to be approved by following our returns procedure, then we refund back onto the same payment method you paid with. It’s important you read our dedicated page on returns.

We are more than happy to exchange your item if it is faulty or defective. All our goods are inspected thoroughly so it is unlikely you will receive a defective item, however, if you do, follow our returns process and will will get your toothbrush exchanged


The handle is fully biodegradable and will safely return to the earth. Although the bamboo we use looks so nice, we always upcycle where we can. Get creative!

We stock bamboo toothbrushes with soft charcoal infused bristles and we also have colourful bamboo toothbrushes with medium-firm bristles. We’ve found people that like medium or firm have been more than happy with our colourful bristle (which is why we call it ‘medium-firm!) and those who are more concerned about their enamel and gums go for the soft charcoal bristle.  If your toothbrush bristles very firm, it's known to cause damage, Softer bristles are actually better for the tooth enamel. Our company founders like to use a medium bristle in the morning and charcoal toothbrush at night! Spoilt so-n-so's!

Don’t believe the hype! No bristles on the market are biodegradable at this stage, although we are working on it as we are always trying to innovate! Our bristles are made on industry standard nylon-6 which is proven to clean teeth effectively.

It is very difficult to make plant-based bristles, as the technology isn't quite there yet to provide an excellent product to our customers. The only thing close to a biodegradable bristle is a soft bristle made of nylon and various oils to reduce the nylon quantity. We've tested it and the brushing experience isn't very good!  As soon as we've developed a plant-based bristle worth talking about, we'll make sure our customers are the first to hear when we bring it to market!

Because it doesn't exist that's why! We learnt this in the early days of designing our toothbrushes when we were lied to by our first manufacturing partner who said it was 'eco nylon 4' - we quickly realised we'd been duped and changed our partnership!

The bamboo handle is biodegradable and some companies claim that their toothbrush bristles are recyclable, however, we'll give you the honest take on this below. Our first tip here is your need to separate the two materials. When you've finished with your used toothbrush, pull the bristles out using pliers to separate from the bamboo wood. There is so much noise around bristle recycling and disposal, some claim their local authority recycling collection accept nylon bristles inside an empty plastic bottle, that way they don’t get lost in the recycling bin – but others just put them in the normal bin. Until we have a piece of definitive information we actually cannot advise on this anything other than what we’ve said. What we DO KNOW though, is that the impact the bristles will have on the earth is far less than if you’d put a whole plastic toothbrush into landfill. So for now, it’s about switching to bamboo form plastic, we’re working on the rest! It only gets better from here ☺

Remember experts recommend that you change your toothbrush for hygienic reasons every 2 to 3 months. We’ve test driven our brushes for double this time and they’ve performed well. Don't forget this depends on how hard you brush! Our medium-firm colourful bristles tend to last a bit longer than the soft charcoal ones for obvious reasons. The average person will want to change their brush every 3 months as the bristles will start to fray. When that happens, your teeth are not being cleaned effectively and it’s time for a new one!

Bamboo is going to be famous soon, watch this space! It really is a wonderful natural material. It can grow up to 1 metre a day, it helps with global warming, and our Moso species outperforms all other bamboos in CO2 absorption and oxygen production. Bamboo is organic and wild and watered by the rain. Our bamboo is controlled by the villagers who practise careful harvest of mature stems for our toothbrushes.

Bamboo has been used for thousands of years in Asia and Indonesia. It is even used for scaffolding due to its unbelievable strength. You may not know it but we even eat bamboo shoots in the Chinese food we consume. Bamboo really is a fast-growing and versatile material which can produce clothing, bed sheets, paper and 1000’s of different products!

We choose bamboo the pandas don’t eat which keeps them bamboogalooing all day long! That's how we get our 'Bamboogaloo' name! The species of bamboo we use is called ‘Moso’ Bamboo and the pandas don’t eat this type, they eat ‘arrow’ bamboo, so you can be safe in the knowledge that we don't take any food from the pandas, we love them!

These are in production as we speak! They will be available on our site soon and anyone signed up to Bamboogaloo will receive news when they are ready to be exposed to the world!

Great, you read our mission statement on our homepage, thank you! We will do everything it takes to reach this target. We are determined! We have already been a part of some small 'anti-plastic' campaigns where our bamboo toothbrushes were featured to help raise awareness of the problems we are facing. We have more plans in the making to help make people aware of the changes that need to happen for the future of our planet. Our reach is now spreading across Europe too, so we are hoping this will help us achieve our target! If you want to partner with us to help reach the '1 million less plastic toothbrushes' goal, please contact us on retail@bamboogaloo.com.

Rinse, like you would any plastic toothbrush, remove any dried paste or debris and dry the handle. Stay tuned to our blog for more oral health care tips


Yes, our paper packaging is made from recovered paper pulp which would have otherwise been thrown away. It is processed into unbleached ‘craft’ paper. Due to its recycled nature, this paper will vary slightly in its shade depending on the batch.

It’s not plastic, it’s 100% plant-based and biodegradable you silly billy! We’ve worked hard to develop a compostable ‘bio-wrap’ which is 100% biodegradable. This is made by extracting starch from non-GMO corn and turning into a material now known as ‘PLA.’ Cool, or what!


Yes of course, we want to change the world remember! We are spreading far and wide with our ‘bamboogaloo’ message, will you join us? We absolutely relish working with new retail partners just drop us an email at retail@bamboogaloo.com.

Yes, no worries please contact wholesale@bamboogaloo.com to discuss setting up your wholesale account.