• Upcycling your Bamboo Toothbrush

June 18, 2019

How to Upcycle your Bamboo Toothbrush

Right, you’ve taken the first step of buying your wonderful Bamboogaloo Toothbrush, well done! But what do you do with it in a month or two, when you want to replace it?

Yes, there’s one less plastic toothbrush bobbing about in the ocean and one less brush buried deep in landfill (definitely not decomposing in a hurry!) but it needs to be disposed of correctly to ensure maximum benefit to our planet.

Well, before you think about slinging that toothbrush in the trash bin, don’t forget, there’s the wonderful world of upcycling!

“What’s that?” I hear you say! Well, there’s plenty of life left, so why waste something that can continue to give!

“Reduce, Re-use, Recycle”

So it’s done its job cleaning your teeth, but there are lots of ways you can get a bit more life out of your bamboo toothbrush. Check out our pro tip guide below!

 Pro Tip 1 – Bathroom

Boil the kettle and pour hot water over your toothbrush for a few minutes to sanitise it, write ‘cleaning brush’ on the handle and clean your bathroom with it!

It’s the perfect tool to reach all those hard to reach places - between tiles, inside plug holes, countertop corners and even the toilet!

 Pro Tip 2 – Electrical Equipment.

A used dry toothbrush is a great tool to clean out dust!

Think - between the keys on your computer keyboard, equipment in your music studio, removing hairdryer fluff from the vents or how about a light scrub of the filter on your vacuum cleaner! How exciting! Haha J

 Pro Tip 3 – Cooking Utensils

Stash an old Bamboogaloo Toothbrush under your sink - it's the perfect tool to clean out those stubborn areas of your kitchen utensils!

Brush out that annoying garlic pulp buried in the inside of your garlic press, scrub down the cheese caught up in your cheese grater, or have a go-getting those dried bits off the rim of your sieve! I’m sure you will get stuck in!

 Pro Tip 4 - Sports Equipment

Dirty Bike Chain, mud in your rugby or football boots? Yep, you guessed it - an old toothbrush is ideal to get them muck free and clean again!

 Pro Tip 5 – In the Garden

When spring rolls around (the season spring, not the delicious Chinese snack) we like to get green fingers! I got sick of seeing those little pieces of plastic in the local garden centre that named the plants, so I thought how about upcycling the toothbrush handle instead!

Now you can easily tell the difference between your runner beans and your tomatoes, simply by writing the name of each plant on an old bamboo toothbrush handle, push it into the soil as a handy reminder and voila, no mix-ups in the greenhouse!

Got any other tips to re-use and upcycle an old toothbrush? Let us know in the comments below!


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